Smile For A Lifetime Foundation will make happy families

Publié par : DR Orthodontistes
Date : 06/07/2017

The board of directors of the Foundation smile for life recently selected 11 patients who will benefit from orthodontic care free of charge. Dr Di Battista and Dr Rousseau will offer treatments to 5 of these patients. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide orthodontic care free of charge to …

Is Orthodontic Treatment Useful for Young Children?

Publié par : orthoeditor
Date : 02/02/2016

    Orthodontic problems often appear with the onset of the first permanent teeth, or around age 7. Most children with an abnormal condition are referred to an orthodontist for diagnosis and, most importantly, to learn how to correct the problem. It is important to note that the American Association of Orthodontists …

Dental tourism, a risky investment?

Publié par : orthoeditor
Date : 18/11/2015

The lower cost of air travel made possible by the democratization of the Internet has given rise to medical tourism – an increasingly popular practice where people travel thousands of kilometers for healthcare at highly appealing prices, notably in the fields of cosmetic surgery and laser vision correction, as well …

Invisalign technology

Publié par : orthoeditor
Date : 28/09/2015

Removable trays, or aligners, are one of the first technologies patients learn about when seeking an alternative to conventional orthodontic treatments. They offer an aesthetic benefit because they are clear and thus barely visible. Unlike treatments using braces, the Invisalign technology is not for all types of corrections. Although professionals sometimes …

What are lingual braces?

Publié par : DR Orthodontistes
Date : 13/08/2015

Lingual braces (behind the teeth) were introduced to dental medicine a couple of years ago, however this technique was rarely used since the components had to be handmade, which complicated the treatment and made it less efficient. The most recent advances in CAD/CAM technologies have enabled patients to benefit from …