Invisalign technology

Publié par : orthoeditor
Date : 28/09/2015

Removable trays, or aligners, are one of the first technologies patients learn about when seeking an alternative to conventional orthodontic treatments. They offer an aesthetic benefit because they are clear and thus barely visible.

Unlike treatments using braces, the Invisalign technology is not for all types of corrections. Although professionals sometimes praise the virtues of this product even for more complex cases, the results obtained are often inferior to those achieved with conventional fixed appliances. Conversely, for some patients invisible trays can in fact constitute the best treatment.

Even though certain professionals enthusiasm for this type of treatment can be contagious, it’s important that you get a full explanation of the limits of this technology, as advanced as it may be. It should also be understood that the various levels of certification awarded by the company take into account strictly the number of treatments carried out with Invisalign and not the results achieved.

The Invisalign technology uses a software program and may look very simple. This is why the vigilance and knowledge of an orthodontist are required for an optimal treatment.

Furthermore, it’s important to know that a treatment of this kind requires a certain amount of discipline on the patient’s part. Treatment efficacy will in fact depend in part on the patient’s cooperation. The appliances can be removed only for meals.

At the DR orthodontistes clinic, we assure you that Dr. Di Battista and Dr. Rousseau, who have many years of experience using this technology, will give you a clear picture concerning the possibility of an Invisalign treatment. You can then make an informed decision.

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