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Invisalign is a treatment technique that uses clear teeth aligners. All permanent teeth must have erupted for this treatment to be used.

Using highly detailed impressions, the laboratory prepares a three-dimensional virtual model of the mouth and of tooth movements based on the treatment plan previously established by our orthodontists. Our orthodontists review and analyze every step of the treatment. When we are satisfied with the virtual treatment, a series of aligners are produced. Each aligner is designed to move the teeth towards their desired position. Aligners must be replaced every 14 days and should be worn at all times, except during meals. These aligners are comfortable and cause less irritation to the cheeks and tongue. Additionally, hygiene is made easier by removable appliances.

We will confirm whether this type of treatment is suitable for you during our first examination. Dr. Rousseau has used this technology since it was introduced in Quebec in 2000.