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Early Treatments for Children


The American Association of Orthodontists and the Quebec Orthodontic Association recommend that all children receive orthodontic screening by age 7. Not all children of this age will require an early intervention. However, some problems may be difficult, if not impossible, to correct later in life. We determine the best moment for an intervention when we diagnose a problem in a young child. It should be noted that in the majority of cases an early treatment (Phase I) will be followed by a treatment with fixed appliances after the eruption of permanent teeth (Phase II). A two-phase treatment will therefore be slightly longer than a single-phase treatment on permanent teeth. In most cases, the advantages of a two-phase intervention will compensate for the inconvenience of a longer treatment. The first phase lasts between 12 and 18 months. We will follow up regularly after this phase and up to the eruption of all permanent teeth. We will then completely reevaluate your child’s occlusion and determine whether it is necessary to pursue a second phase of treatment.

Our experience and expertise enable us to better advise you. Before recommending a treatment, our orthodontists always ask themselves the following question: “What would I do if it were my child?”