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Treatments for Adults


There is no age limit for orthodontic treatments. With advances in dentistry, a growing number of adults will keep their teeth throughout their life. As life expectancy increases, this means that, for instance, a 50 year old will enjoy a dazzling smile for 40 more years. There are numerous advantages to orthodontic treatment for adults: increased self-esteem, improved dental and gum health, prevention of the premature wear of teeth, etc. Nowadays adults make up a large proportion of our clients. Coupled with our experience, technological advances enable us to correct almost all types of problems among adults.

Today’s appliances are suited to your lifestyle. We can do almost anything with appliances, which may be less visible through the use of clear braces or completely invisible with a system such as Invisalign. We will recommend the type of appliance that is most appropriate for you. An adjustment period is of course to be expected.

Adults who need to replace missing teeth or who have gum problems or broken teeth will require a multidisciplinary treatment approach. In such cases we will collaborate with your dentist in order to establish a global treatment plan from the start.

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